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Your salespeople are the number one reason a customer decides to buy from your dealership. All of SGI Services on-going training programs are customer centered and developed from proven practices and procedures being utilized in dealerships.

Our training programs can be customized to a dealer's individual training needs for all skill levels.

The following programs are a list of SGI Services on-going training programs. To view further details about each level of training click on the appropriate link of interest:

F&I Training

Students are educated in the areas of sales, management, administration and lender functions. The school teaches the students how to develop a base statement and establish a positive relationship between the customer and the dealership. Additionally, the students learn how to present the products associated with financing in a manner that accentuates the positive aspects of automotive ownership. The guided discovery method of presentation allows the F&I student to minimize objections and deal with any concerns in a manner that is low key and professional. The curriculum also includes in-depth discussions regarding the laws related to cash reporting, disclosure, and sound business practices.

Managing for Profits

This advanced three day class is designed for department directors, senior producers, and sales management personnel. The class concentrates on the aspects of F&I departments from a management standpoint. Concentration is centered around the development of a working relationship between Sales and F&I. Contributing discussions that take place in the "Managing For Profits" workshop focus on structuring a sale, salesman/lender relationships, management of the sales force and establishing goals.

Sales Training

Our sales approach focuses on developing a relationship with the customer that centers around fulfilling their needs and desires balanced with the ability to buy. The training instructs the sales staff how to ask the appropriate questions in a non-threatening manner allowing the customer to communicate at a comfortable level. The Sales Staff is educated and trained in the art of presenting the vehicles using a pre-established routine.

Sales Managment Training

The workshops concentrate on several aspects of the sales manager's responsibilities and emphasize the utilization of the sales management process.

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We do not operate with a cookie cutter approach. Every dealership is different and has its own special needs, wants and desires.

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This specialized management approach directs the necessary experience and resources to your individual dealership situation.