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Aftermarket Programs

SGI’S provides an assortment of aftermarket products designed to maximize dealer profits and increase customer satisfaction.

Theft Avert

With vehicle theft on the rise, SGI offers a theft avert program to protect the consumers automobile. SGI’S anti-theft system provides customers with a preferred protection security system that provides benefits if the vehicle is stolen and may also qualify the purchaser for a comprehensive insurance discount.

SGI’S security label system not only deters thieves, but they also aid law enforcement agencies in identifying and recovering stolen vehicles.

Road Hazard Protection

SGI’S Super Polyshield keeps new vehicles looking showroom new for years to come. Super Polyshield offers interior and exterior environmental protection for paint, fabric and carpet as well as vinyl and leather. A customer who purchases the Super Polyshield system has protection against sun, dirt, chemicals, acid rain, detergent, oxidation and salt. Should something happen to the vehicle, the customer can have their vehicle professionally cleaned or buffed to repair the damaged surface and return it to original condition. Super Polyshield also provides coverage to repaint or replace a damaged surface if it cannot be returned to original condition.

Super Polyshield

SGI’S Road Hazard Protection is a nationwide tire and wheel program that provides reimbursement for covered expenses due to tire and wheel damage caused by road hazard. There are no limits to the number of claims a customer can make on their tires and all new tires purchased are covered for the term of the contract. The customer does not have to buy another road hazard program for 5 years and can have repairs and replacements completed at the location of their choice.

Preferred Advantage Package

SGI’S Dealership Services package is a unique way for dealers to build CSI and value for the customer. Packages are personalized with the dealership's logo and mailed with a customized letter to the customer's home address.

With the Preferred Advantage, customers receive a CSI survey in the F&I office, which they complete and mail to SGI in a pre-paid, self addressed envelope. Our program then tabulates survey results and provides the dealership with a monthly report reflecting their overall CSI results.

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