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Dealership Software

SGI provides an assortment of dealer software packages that enables automotive dealership to implement a faster, friendlier and more profitable F&I process.

The software suite allows dealerships to sell more products quickly and efficiently while staying compliant.

SGI SmartTrac

Our presentation system increases CSI scores and F&I profitability. SGI’S SmartTrac is a state-of-the-art graphic presentation system incorporating audio, video and high impact graphics to provide important dealership and product information to retail consumers within the dealership. SmartTrac can be customized for your dealership’s specific needs. Please click here for further details about SmartTrac.
  • Shortens the time customers spend in the F&I office which increases CSI scores
  • Increases F&I profits by exposing all customers to all product options all of the time
  • Gives the customer a professional presentation experience
  • Presentations can be customized for individual dealership needs

SGI SmartMenu

SmartMenu is the premier menu selling software available on the market today. The SmartMenu system has been developed for dealerships using the menu selling technique in their F&I office and is designed to produce professional, customized product menus for each customer in minutes.

The SmartMenu program is available as a software only package or can be incorporated into an IAS SmartTrac F&I system. With this technology, dealers can comfortably convert to menu selling or enhance their current menu selling process.
  • Improves current selling techniques by offering customized products and packages to maximize dealer profits without using negative selling techniques
  • Enhances CSI scores by speeding up the F&I process and treating customers in an honest and straightforward manner.
  • Provides a legal and ethical way to present and sell products in the F&I office and ensures this is done for every customer.
  • Customizable software gives dealerships complete control over their menu presentation

SGI SmartEye

Due to the growing concern over proper disclosure, customer forgetfulness and quality assurance, many dealers utilize the SmartEye video and audio capturing system for training and improvement purposes as well as liability protection. SmartEye digitally records and archives F&I transactions in full color, TV quality smooth motion video with high-quality audio using innovative software and technology. Transactions are then placed on CD-Rom or archived using SmartEye NET over an encrypted internet connection and stored in a searchable database so they may easily be located in the future.
  • Allows the dealer to monitor that customers receive the proper product information for each of the F&I products
  • Ensures that all F&I managers are performing legitimate, compliant and complete product presentations to all customers
  • Searchable database makes it easy to locate a customer video by customer, stock number, products sold, or various other criteria
  • The ultimate F&I training tool for dealerships

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